Home Price Estimate

The market continues to improve… are you curious about your Phoenix home value? A lot of homeowners are thinking of refinancing their mortgage, but before you spend over $400 for a home appraisal, why not get FREE opinion of your home’s new value today? It’s a great way to gauge your estimated Phoenix property value before moving ahead. And we’re not talking about a Zestimate number like another site offers… we mean an entire report in full color! Many of our FREE home value reports include property photos, as well as sales data on comparable properties surrounding yours so you know what the market activity is like all around you. With all this valuable information, no wonder most reports are between 20 and 30 pages full of recent market data to help you understand your Phoenix property value.

Are you ready to request your current home price estimate report with no obligation?

Our system does all this without anyone coming to your home! We will provide the FREE Phoenix property value report in less than 24 hours, delivered to your email. In it you will find plenty of useful statistics, including the Realtors Valuation ModelĀ® (RVM) for your home along with a Refined Value to account for market and specific property conditions plus a Comp Analysis showing the average of similar homes that have just sold. Some of the numerous benefits included with the FREE Phoenix home evaluation report:

  • how much your home value has changed in the last 12 months
  • map and address of comparable properties that sold nearby
  • price history of the property value going back 7 years
  • heat maps for trending home values and price changes
  • flood zone risk map (as per FEMA) for property
  • housing stats and charts for the property neighborhood
  • demographic stats and charts for the property city and zip
  • economic stats and charts for the property city and zip
  • quality of life stats and charts for the property city and zip